Welcome to Anastasia Marie Laboratories

Here at Anastasia Marie Laboratories, we have a passion for restoring skin health.  Living with Type 1 diabetes myself, I understand the many skin challenges we may experience during our lifetime. And as a skincare specialist, my purpose in life is to minimize the risk and improve the daily lives of others with skincare challenges.

Our commitment reflects our priorities – customer care comes first. Since the beginning of this company, our research, testing and development have focused on creating exceptional products that energize the restorative dynamics of the body’s largest organ, the skin. We bring this to a higher level by empowering customers and patients through education and our personal commitment to their success and well-being.

In the interest of providing the best care for you, our customers, patients and healthcare professionals, I invite you to write to me personally at anastasia@amlabs.com.

Our guiding principle is simple: Improved Skin Health is Our Promise and Our Passion.


Anastasia Marie Chehak, RDN, LD, CDE
Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Anastasia Marie Laboratories, Inc.
Anastasia Institute for Healthy Skin