Company Milestones

  • Created the research of regenerative skin science at a major medical university
  • Developed Diapedic® Foot & Leg Treatment, the only topical skincare product safe to use between the toes
  • First to develop skincare and foot care guidelines for healthy skincare
  • Pioneered the process of combining biotechnology with natural ingredients for skincare products
  • Developed protocols to retain the quality and therapeutic efficacy of bio-actives during processing
  • The first brand of skincare products formulated specifically for skin conditions associated with elevated blood sugar
  • Hosted the first national, live radio talk show devoted to the education, empowerment, and management of diabetes
  • Endorsed by James R. Gavin III, MD, Ph.D., past president of the American Diabetes Association.
  • Recognized nationally by the Health and Beauty industry for skincare innovation