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Diapedic® Foot & Leg Treatment

Essential® 24 Hand & Body Therapy

I have tried numerous medicated and non-medicated creams, including Vaseline, and my heels were bleeding from being so dry and cracked. But with Diapedic® Foot Treatment, there was noticeable healing within just one day. I have used the products for just over two weeks now, and my heels look almost normal, with no pain at all. These products work wonderfully.
Susan O. Crask Phoenix, AZ
My husband and I are people with elevated blood glucose and we use the Essential 24 Hand & Body and Diapedic Foot Treatment every day.  We dried Diabet-X, Eucerin and others but without any success.  I hope retailers everywhere will realize how effective and helpful your products are for those of us with elevated blood glucose.
Barbara ResnikSalem, OR

Meet Our Founder - Anastasia Marie Chehak, RDN, LD, CD

As a person with diabetes herself, Anastasia could not find a skin treatment that addressed her needs or the needs of her patients, so she created an entirely new product brand: a clinically superior skincare treatment based on regenerative science.  Her commitment to improved skin health began with a vision to combine the integrity of science with the power of nature to help restore dry, challenged skin and relieve the accompanying pain.  Read More