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Diapedic® Foot & Leg Treatment

Essential® 24 Hand & Body Therapy

After using up your product I bought another brand.  My husband immediately noticed and insisted I buy Anastasia because he could feel a big difference.
Sheryln JacobsSacramento, CA
I use Essential 24 Hand & Body Therapy daily. I can’t say enough great things about your product. It’s soothing and healing qualities make me feel better, both physically and mentally, because I know I’m taking proper care of myself–which can be difficult for a person with elevated blood glucose. Thank you!
Cheryl AlleeChicago, IL

Meet Our Founder - Anastasia Marie Chehak, RDN, LD, CD

As a person with diabetes herself, Anastasia could not find a skin treatment that addressed her needs or the needs of her patients, so she created an entirely new product brand: a clinically superior skincare treatment based on regenerative science.  Her commitment to improved skin health began with a vision to combine the integrity of science with the power of nature to help restore dry, challenged skin and relieve the accompanying pain.  Read More