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Diapedic® Foot & Leg Treatment

Essential® 24 Hand & Body Therapy

I am so pleased with the results and how great my skin feels, I’d do anything to let others know!  My sister doesn’t have elevated blood glucose, yet she has used the Anastasia Diapedic Foot Treatment for dryness and loves it.  Her feet are now soft and no longer burn in her running shoes.  Thank you so much!
Jovanna F. GalvanSan Jose, CA
After using your Hand & Body and Diapedic® Foot Treatment for a month, I decided to try all of your Facial Care items, including the Purifying Cleansing Lotion. Well, I noticed an immediate improvement the very first night! The second night, I couldn’t wait for bed so I could use these wonderful products again! Yours is a company I want to do business with, who’s not trying to sell me something I don’t need and has my best interests at heart. Thank you so much for making such wholesome, healing, and outstanding products.
Bonnie Anderson, RN Asst.Point Townsend, WA

Meet Our Founder - Anastasia Marie Chehak, RDN, LD, CD

As a person with diabetes herself, Anastasia could not find a skin treatment that addressed her needs or the needs of her patients, so she created an entirely new product brand: a clinically superior skincare treatment based on regenerative science.  Her commitment to improved skin health began with a vision to combine the integrity of science with the power of nature to help restore dry, challenged skin and relieve the accompanying pain.  Read More